Our free time


Our free time

2017-02-10Sona Chichyan

We are here in Ceska Lipa already 3 months and every weekend we like to spend differently, sometimes we traveled, sometimes we prefer to  visit and discover new places in Ceska Lipa. This weekend we were invited to my mentors Elishka’s flat.She has prepared for us special dinner,traditional Czech food with duck,it was my first time that I ate duck meat and I can say it was really very tasty.That day we also tasted 5 bottle of different  beer.

After the dinner, we visited our favourite Florian café,there was exebition .We spend there very good time,we like that café because you can find very delecius cakes and coffee and also we like that café’s atmosphere and workers  .Aftter diiner and Florian café we decided to go club for dancing.

We had a very good and interesting weekend and all of us now waiting for Friday,because we are going to try new sport,cross country skiing, in Novy Bor :-) :-) :-)

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