2019-04-27Gabriela Medwell

This week Gabrielle visited a new class, class 5.C. at Partyzánská school in Ceska Lipa. And why? She c... More

2019-04-16Gabriela Medwell

Our very first swallow of the European Solidarity Corps is fully involved in the activities at Partyzánská school in C... More

2018-08-19Gabriela Medwell

... More

2018-07-15Emilie Lolivier

Mini project: Cooking Workshop, 19/06/18 French Chocolate Cookies with 5A 1. Idea: I would like to rea... More

2018-05-14Lilit Ghazaryan

I’ve been living in the Czech Republic for almost six months now. I’ve found numerous similarities between Armenian and Czech... More

2018-05-13Mariam Gogoladze

Today I’ll talk about our learning process here, in Ceska Lipa – EVS is a great opportunity to learn and teach at the same ti... More

2018-05-13Yuliia Bobyr

Once we had opportunity to attend the prom in Czech Republic. Here I  have a few points to share about the difference between Ukrain... More

2018-01-18Mariam Gogoladze

Today I’m going to tell you more about our project, what are we doing here? Do we learn something? Sometimes, young peopl... More

2017-12-12Emilie Lolivier

I knew I want to travel but I didn’t know where, when and how. It was instinctive and now ‘m in Ceska Lipa. Since one month, ... More

2017-12-07Lilit Ghazaryan

The Czech Republic. Day 36. We’ve started our workshops at schools in Ceska Lipa. Having visited 3 schools so far we&rsqu... More

2017-12-05Gabriela Medwell

... More

2017-12-04Gabriela Medwell

... More

2017-12-04Gabriela Medwell

... More

2017-11-28Yuliia Bobyr

My first 4 weeks in the Czech Republic already passed and now I have some information  to share. So the first thing which ... More

2017-11-12Gabriela Medwell

... More

2017-11-12Gabriela Medwell

... More

2017-11-03Gabriela Medwell

... More

2017-10-02Gabriela Medwell

... More

2017-07-20Gabriela Medwell

Hot summer July at the outskirt of Prague, in a small vilage called Sedlec, youngsters from four EU countries enjoyed their time. ... More

2017-04-19Santi Berenguer Ferri

It’s well-known fact that almost all citizens of Czech Republic are atheists, however, you would be surprised to know that almost e... More

2017-04-19Santi Berenguer Ferri

1. What do you do? What is your role in EVS world? At the moment I work for the Czech national agency of Erasm... More

2017-04-19Nini Marjanishvili

Every week we make EU Seminar about some topics, what we like or what we what to present for another volunteers and for our coordinators.... More

2017-04-17Nini Marjanishvili

Hello. Today I have interview with Nicola Pacello. He had midterm trainings and I am interested in what he did and what is his feeling af... More

2017-04-14Santi Berenguer Ferri

Last Thursday we were decorating eggs for Easter time in Jonas with the children. We painted the eggs using different technics,... More

2017-04-14Erlinda Lleshi

Hello readers, This article will be written for Klic school. It is about 6 class, where we went to have a workshop about people... More

2017-04-02Nicola Pacello

Last Saturday we went to Peklo forest where we enjoyed of a trekking and the beautiful views of Czech nature starting to change to spring... More

2017-03-06Anastasiia Rybnikova

First working week after holidays is always hard. All volunteers were exhausted after one week of holidays as we all were traveling. But ... More

2017-02-10Sona Chichyan

We are here in Ceska Lipa already 3 months and every weekend we like to spend differently, sometimes we traveled, sometimes we prefer to&... More

2017-02-10Nicola Pacello

Another week started in Slovanka school with full activity about different topic. Each of us have a different classes and we work in pair... More

2017-02-10Erlinda Lleshi

Dear readers,   Today, in our focus is one of the most sportive and hard-working person in our organization. He ... More

2017-02-09Gabriela Medwell

EVS volunteers are continuing their great work for the benefits of local children and youth in Ceska Lipa.   In ... More

2017-02-09Nicola Pacello

1.  Name and age. Radek,  33 y.o. 2. Do you live... More

2017-02-09Anastasiia Rybnikova

English class with 2nd grade. We love coloring book! ... More

2017-02-09Anastasiia Rybnikova

Task-related seminar with our coordinator Lucy. Lucy explains us the importance of learning objectives. ... More

2017-02-09Anastasiia Rybnikova

Erlinda explains Lucy learning objectives of her workshop. ... More

2017-02-09Anastasiia Rybnikova

Floorball is the best activity for Czech pupils. Physical education with Santiago. ... More

2017-01-31Nini Marjanishvili

I am going To tell you about florian café. In my opinion it is the best café in Ceska Lipa. There is very good at... More

2017-01-28Anastasiia Rybnikova

The 3rd week of 2017 for EVS-volunteer was first working week in school.  Surprisingly for us, even 20 min activity for students nee... More

2017-01-25Santi Berenguer Ferri

This week is being the hardest for us until now because we started our lessons in Slovanka and we had to deal with the difficult preparat... More

2017-01-06Erlinda Llheshi

During the end of the last year 2016, we volunteers got informed about a workshop, that we were going to have during January 2017. The to... More

2016-12-31Sona Chichyan

New Year’s Eve is a day of mixed feelings for many people,it is a time to celebrate the end of the year gone by and welcome what is... More

2016-12-30Santi Berenguer Ferri

1. What is your work? I am an EVS Coordinator, Project Manager for Volunteering Centre, Facilitator, Tutor, En... More

2016-12-30Nicola Pacello

The own activities are very different, we do laboratories, games, workshop and English class with children and yesterday, 11/12/2016, I h... More

2016-12-20Nicola Pacello

Sometimes, in most of the time, we cook in own flat, international food for example: Dolma, Khachapuri and spaghetti, each of this food r... More

2016-12-20Santi Berenguer Ferri

Our first workshop in a school was in a small town near Česká Lípa, called Zakupy. It was totally a success because childr... More

2016-12-20Sona Chichyan

Hello readers…Today I have a very special guest joining me ..Whoa…Please welcome Nini Marjanishvili,one of the Evs ... More

2016-12-20Erlinda Lleshi

At the end we can say that this week was full of activities. We all enjoyed them and learnt a lot. Days are going quickly and we seem to ... More

2016-11-12Pavel Žáček

... More

2016-10-10Pavel Žáček

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2016-09-28Pavel Žáček

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