Our first workshop in a school


Our first workshop in a school

2016-12-20Santi Berenguer Ferri

Our first workshop in a school was in a small town near Česká Lípa, called Zakupy. It was totally a success because children enjoyed as we did. They were 12 years’ kids most of them.

First we started breaking the ice with an energizer, ‘jingle bells’. Then each one sat in one of the three groups and we started our activity that consisted in being asked by the students some questions about us and our countries, as what our name is, how old we are, where we are from, and other questions about Christmas.

At the end of this form they had to draw the flag of our country and to draw us. They were having a lot of fun with our portraits. And then, when we finished with one group of 4-5 children, we changed to other group.

I cannot be happier with this first experience with the workshops and I guess along this year I will learn a lot and I will enjoy each of the workshops we will prepare.

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