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Here, There and Everywhere

2018-06-22Lilit Ghazaryan

So, within our EVS we were also supposed to be participating in the preparations for the “Všudybud” music festival.

To be honest, at first I was rather skeptical. I do love music and I often take photos during concerts. However, when you are supposed to carry heavy stuff under the boiling sun…. well, of course, you are skeptical at the beginning.

Yet it was interesting. Tiresome, but interesting and fun – assembling the stage, setting the fences and so on.

Then the music fest happened and it was awesome. I’ve discovered some quite awesome artists and bands during the event. The format and setting were also quite interesting: there were 3 stages and the people kept moving around the Česká Lípa castle. That’s what the name of the festival actually means – I was everywhere.  The idea of returning the cups was also great – going totally green and preserving the environment.

So far, it was really well-organizaed. I do believe this kind of events should take place more often in Česká Lípa.



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