Trip with 5A class

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Trip with 5A class

2018-06-16Emilie Lolivier

We are six volunteers from differents countries: Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and France. Our role is to be EVS in Ceska Lipa. During two days at the end of May, four of us were in a trip with a class of fifth grade and our tutor in Lazne Libverda. It was wonderfull! We stayed one night near the forest, in communion with nature.


We proposed differents kinds of activities during two days: walk near the waterfall, games, treasure hunt, creative indian staff. During the night, we had some bonfire with children. Everybody was active and needed to use their skills during this camp. It was intensive and interesting to participate to this event. These moments were a mix between imagination, sport and brain.


Welcome to non-formal education way with us !

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