2018-05-13Yuliia Bobyr

Once we had opportunity to attend the prom in Czech Republic. Here I  have a few points to share about the difference between Ukrainian and Czech  proms.

  1. Date. In Ukraine we usually have proms in June after passing all exams (sometimes in May) while in Czech Republic «prom season» starts in January and continues till March. During this period almost each weekend you can find some prom, while in Ukraine almost all proms are in the same day. So if you want to visit two, three or more proms it isn`t possible.
  2. Place. Official part of my prom in Ukraine was in our school and only «after-party» in the cafe while prom which we visited in Ceska Lipa took place in a huge hall of some hotel. Others were also in some cafe or restaurants.
  3. Entrance.  It was the thing  which surprised me a lot  a) you have to pay for entrance  b) even if you do not know anyone from this class, you can come. While in my school we usually counting how many relatives and friends can invite each student for official part of prom and we are getting invitation ticket (for free) for the whooole family. That means that if you don`t know students from this class or if you know, but you aren`t close enough, you almost don`t have  any chances to attend the prom.
  4. Ceremony. In Ukraine graduates are issued  certificates of graduation with all their marks etc and this ceremony is very official while in Czech Republic  students receive graduate tapes and glasses of champagne and each student try to make some really fun performance.

To sum up, the ceremony in Ukraine is quite official and close, in Czech Republic it seems like big and funny party for all people, which we enjoyed a lot.

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