Raise Your Voice


Raise Your Voice

2018-05-13Mariam Gogoladze

Today I’ll talk about our learning process here, in Ceska Lipa – EVS is a great opportunity to learn and teach at the same time.

What do I mean?

The answer is “EU Seminars”

What does it mean?

  • Volunteers have to prepare presentations, make the presentation interesting for others and present it in a way which is innovative, different and understandable for everyone.

We are six volunteers here and each of us has already done the presentation. I can’t talk about others’ experience, of course, I’ll tell you what skills these seminars gave me.

Presentation Writing – that’s the first and the main thing you have to know if you’re doing presentation, you have to search a lot of information, you have to find the correct words to present your topic.

Working with Visual Aids – that’s the next step, and, I think, it has a big importance as well, because you’re searching the pictures, videos and putting it on your slide, it helps your presentation and makes it more interesting for audience.

Dealing with Questions – after the presentation, your audience, usually, has a lot of questions, you have to be ready for all conjectural questions in advance.

Self-Presentation in Presentation – your presentation talks about you, the audience always feels if really care about them or no, if you really want to share your knowledge with them or no…

The most interesting part for me starts after finishing the presentation - listening to my audience – what is the feedback? What can I improve?

All these and many other steps help us grow and find our weaknesses/strengths.

We’re trying to rise our voices – try you, as well :-)

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