Choose EVS - Make it happen


Choose EVS - Make it happen

2018-01-18Mariam Gogoladze

Today I’m going to tell you more about our project, what are we doing here? Do we learn something?

Sometimes, young people think that being volunteer is a perfect way to lose your time, energy, learn nothing, get nothing, etc.

if you are reading this article and think in the same way, read this article carefully, I’ll try to change your mind J

Imagine that the country you live now, is a one big box – full with traditions, with one language, with people who share this traditions and language – imagine, that you’re spending your whole life in that box, sometimes you go out of it (?) - not alone, but with your family or friends – then you come back in your box with the same people and continue your life with them. If you’ve already imagine it, I think you’ll agree that the situation is so hard and you need to change something, you have to see what’s going there - out of the box – but you have to see it with your own eyes, alone, without your family’s or friend’s help.

Are you ready for changes? Do you really want to leave your comfort zone and go out of the box? – You have three options:

A - Yes

B - No

C – I don’t know

Please, answer the question and  continue reading after :-)

If you choose A – Yes: Hello, I like your decision, one year ago I also had the same answer on my head and that’s why I choose EVS – I want to share my experience with you and tell you that it was the best decision in my life – through EVS you’re learning a lot, you’re NOT wasting your time – Yes, you’re far from your family and friends but there is NOTHING bad in it.

What do you learn exactly?

  • Who you are;
  • What  you want to do in/for your future;
  • How to solve problems without anyone’s help;
  • How to present yourself;
  • How to be brave;
  • How to have an influence on other people (that’s the most important skill for you);
  • How to work with different people

…and many, many more. So, if you’re thinking about changes, go and start searching for your EVS project!

If you choose B – No: Please, read the previous paragraph (about the answer A – Yes).

If you’ve already read it and still have the same opinion, than congratulations – You live in a great box!

If you choose C – I don’t know: Don’t worry! Your answer is normal, in that case, I also recommend you to read the paragraph about the answer “A – Yes”. - You just have to look through your life, open your eyes and brain widely and think if you want to continue living in your traditional box or no – if you still have no concrete answer – wait for it, as soon as you start thinking about your daily life, you’ll get the answer.

Good luck to everyone, who thinks that they need changes, good luck to everyone, who still thinks what he/she wants and good luck to everyone, who feels comfortable in his/her box :-)

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