First steps as EVS volunteer


First steps as EVS volunteer

2017-12-12Emilie Lolivier

I knew I want to travel but I didn’t know where, when and how. It was instinctive and now ‘m in Ceska Lipa. Since one month, I discover a lot of things and it’s just the beginning! Before my volonteering, I knew nothing about Czech Republic. I’m French and in my country, we usually don’t talk about the country in Central Europe. So, we ignore a lot of things about more countries like culture, historic aspects, famous artist….


For me, it’s just the beginning of a beautiful journey: Praha and her historics streets, Pecklo and this quiet forest, Ostravice and her wonderful views on the mountains… I miss the sea a lot, but I’m really happy about the snow, the traditionnal biers and by the discover of a new culture. Thanks so much for this beginning of my European Voluntary Service!


I live with two roomates, an italian and a spanish persons. We learn step by step a lot of things about Czech langage, cultural and basics aspects, seminars, how to become teacher here… I’m sure about one thing : I want to learn more czech langage to exchange with local people and discover the secret of this country. This country that we usually know the name and the capital in France, but not more !

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