Czech kids learning about Armenia; an Armenian volunteer re-discovering Armenia


Czech kids learning about Armenia; an Armenian volunteer re-discovering Armenia

2017-12-07Lilit Ghazaryan

The Czech Republic. Day 36.

We’ve started our workshops at schools in Ceska Lipa. Having visited 3 schools so far we’ve introduced our countries to the kids. We’ve used quiz games for the kids to learn some basic facts about Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.  Several kids actually do have some information about Armenia. One of the boys from the 8th grade even asked me if I had ever heard about Henrikh Mkhitarian, a famous Armenian footballer, currently playing for Manchester United.

The kids are genuinely surprised to discover that Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is actually 2799 years old. They become really excited when they see photos of Lavash (a kind of Armenian bread), gata (an Armenian dessert), Armenian dram (money), but moreover, they get shocked when they see the Armenian alphabet.

The more I prepare for my lessons, the more I discover about Armenia. I frankly hope that these kids will develop an interest in Armenia, learn more about it, and maybe even visit it one day.

I sometimes feel quite exotic here, yet I feel like a local. However, the funny thing is that I haven’t been taken for Armenian yet. As a matter of fact, I’m not taken for Armenian even in Armenia.

I feel quite home here in the Czech Republic, I feel comfortable and safe. I don’t know if I miss Armenia, not really sure. I do love my country, but the more I live abroad, the better I realize that I can’t breathe in Armenia. I’m totally proud to come from an ancient nation, I’m proud that I speak Armenian, I truly love my mother tongue. However, it’s rather difficult for me to live in Armenia. Every time I go there after some time abroad, I experience culture shock, which has never happened to me in new places.

So far so good. Stay tuned :-)

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