«Attention! Or meaning of some Czech words in Ukrainian language»


«Attention! Or meaning of some Czech words in Ukrainian language»

2017-11-28Yuliia Bobyr

My first 4 weeks in the Czech Republic already passed and now I have some information  to share.

So the first thing which I am trying to use to after moving is new language.  Firstly because I hear and see everything  around in this language, secondly because people in my town hardly speak English and meeting foreigners for them is something really new. So if you want to buy or ask something – speak Czech prosím (first difference: in Ukrainian this word similar to «просимо» = «we ask», while in Czech it means «please» ).

When I said to my relatives and friends in Ukraine that I'm moving to Czech Republic all of them noticed that it's good that Czech language is soooo similar to Ukrainian. When I meet some people in Czech Republic, they also think that it's quite easy for me to learn and understand Czech.

Sometime it is but… firstly look at this:

Czech word = Ukrainian meaning

Pohanka (buckwheat) = Поганка (sort of mushroom)  

Okurka (cucumber) = russian Окурок (cigarette butt)

Čerstvé (fresh) = Черствий (stale)

Ovoce (fruit)  = Овочі (vegetables)

Zelenina (vegetables) = Зелень (verdure, green plants)

Pozor (attantion) = Позор (shame)

Lékárna (pharmacy)  = Лікарня (hospital)

And one of my favorite Czech words is  slanina (bacon) =  слон (elephant), so «слонина»  sounds like «meat of elephant».

So yeees, as you can see Ukrainian language is quite similar to Czech. Just sometimes you should be careful with using Ukrainian words in Czech Republic, because you never know what it can means in Czech.



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