Fire inside for the volunteering


Fire inside for the volunteering

2017-07-20Gabriela Medwell

Hot summer July at the outskirt of Prague, in a small vilage called Sedlec, youngsters from four EU countries enjoyed their time.

The gathered together to explore their active citizenship, learn about European Voluntary Service, meet new friends and learn how (not only) live young people in Lithuania, Poland, Itraly and Czech Republic.

Project financed by the Erasmus+ programme (link) titled EVS Opportunities and Benefits to Disadvantaged  lasted for six days and during those days participants played games, worked during various workshops, created items, presented their countries and of course also explored the beauty of Prague.

From each country six youngsters with two group leaders came, who also took active part in the project.

Various short videos and recordings were made, Lithuanian group leader Evaldas made a wonderful video about making the videos (link) and of course many photos were taken.

During those six days posts were made to our facebook page (link) as each day there was a group appointed as the repporters.

So the youngsters learnt a lot, developer their many competences and skills, improved their English and of course had fun as well.

The project was financed by the Erasmus+ programme

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