Vegetarianism - the controversial topic


Vegetarianism - the controversial topic

2017-04-19Nini Marjanishvili

Every week we make EU Seminar about some topics, what we like or what we what to present for another volunteers and for our coordinators. I was thinking a lot what about could I do EU seminar. After thinking I reminded  that I am vegetarian and I could do my EU seminar about my Ideology. The aim of this EU seminar is to develop our skills and show our friends our interests and/or hobbies.

I started to prepare my presentation. I searched some information about reasons why people usually decide to be vegetarian. Also I wanted to talk about my story. In Facebook I did survey where I asked people about their reasons and it was very interesting. Also I did survey in one supermarket, where I compared prices between Meat and vegetables, where I saw that being Vegetarian is really much cheaper. Also I searched Video about factory farming, which is really big problem. I am against of factory farming, because it is the system of farming in which a lot of animals are kept in a small closed area, in order to produce a large amount of meat, eggs, or milk as cheaply as possible.

Fortunately, Everything was ok and everybody were satisfied.

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