Workshop in Klíč school


Workshop in Klíč school

2017-04-14Erlinda Lleshi

Hello readers,

This article will be written for Klic school. It is about 6 class, where we went to have a workshop about people all over the world, about us.

The class looked so fine, full of young people who were interested in us, to know as much things as possible. We showed them photos from our countries, typical food, our flags, famous people and much more. It was so nice for me to discover that in that class was somebody with an Albanian origin. He knows about byrek- traditional food in Albania, and that was amazing for me. We had some chats together and as it seemed he has got a really interesting story. Definitely I would like to go and see this class again. They are all very good kids and we enjoyed so much times spent there.  In the end of the class we took a photo all together, which will probably be a nice memory for us all.

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