Visit in Hell (= Peklo, nature park)


Visit in Hell (= Peklo, nature park)

2017-04-02Nicola Pacello

Last Saturday we went to Peklo forest where we enjoyed of a trekking and the beautiful views of Czech nature starting to change to spring.

For going to Peklo we went by train from Ceska Lipa to Zahradky, a small and pretty town just 8km away with very nice wood houses.

Then we started to walk, making photos without stopping because we are not used to the beauty of such an awesome forest where the water of the river means life for many plants, trees, and animals.

We enjoyed a lot the morning and at the same time we did a sporty activity because we walked more than 8km. I only can say that I will go back running, walking or by train because the place is amazing and I like nature a lot.

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