Workshop - human body


Workshop - human body

2017-03-06Anastasiia Rybnikova

First working week after holidays is always hard. All volunteers were exhausted after one week of holidays as we all were traveling. But students from Slovanka were waiting for new interesting English and art classes, so we did our best despite fatigue.

One of the classes I want to tell you today we prepared with Sona – volunteer from Armenia. As the children in 5th grade are with a good level of English it is hard to make them learn new words because some of them are actually better in English than we are. After searching the internet for activity all day long we came up with a brilliant idea – to create the human body. Now you think probably, that it could be a not very relevant task for 5th graders, but believe me, they are very smart and curious kids.

At the beginning of the class, we taught them the basic vocabulary such as heart, lungs, stomach, intestines. Then, we ask them to draw the shape of human’s body on a big paper, one of the students were lying on the paper while others were outlining him with a pencil for making a real-size shape of a body.  Next tasks were to cut organs from color paper and to glue them on big paper in order of the real system of internal organs. Artworks of students were very amusing.

 For example, meet Adam, Adam has blue eyes, charming smile and very strange shape of the liver, he has no heart (it’s hiding behind the lungs), but he has the brain, which is more important.

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