The best café in Česká Lípa


The best café in Česká Lípa

2017-01-31Nini Marjanishvili

I am going To tell you about florian café. In my opinion it is the best café in Ceska Lipa.

There is very good atmosphere  and very delicious cakes and coffee of course. Every day they have different choice and every day you can find different type of cake. I am sure you will be fall in love with this café.

One day we were in a office and it was time for lunch. We didn`t have idea where we wanted to go. And… One of our volunteer said that, in Internet she found one café, which is very beautiful and it would be very good if we visited here. And we went… For us it was little a bit difficult to find Florian café, because we are not from Ceska Lipa and we didn`t know all streets very well. Finally we found it and we were so happy. Firstly, our attention took wall of café, also there are very comfortable chairs to seat and the most important, outside they have veranda and in summer in will be perfect to spend time here. I want to add something. Also staff is perfect. They know English and if in your dictionary is only ,,dobrý den’’, ,, nashledanou’’ and ,,dekuji’’ definitely it is your place. For sure we had excellent time together and we were very happy that we discovered very beautiful place in Ceska Lipa.

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