Interview with mentor Radek


Interview with mentor Radek

2017-02-09Nicola Pacello

1.  Name and age.

Radek,  33 y.o.

2. Do you live in Česká Lípa?

Yes. I live in part of Ceska Lipa called „Špičák“ I live at one of many flats there  for 3 years.  Before It, I lived in close area around  Ceska Lipa. In Dobranov, Vitkov and part time in Volfartice.

3. What do you do in this project?

I am a mentor.

4. What is your resposibility in this project.

I help volunteers with living in our city. Usually I show where is hair stylist, copy centre, where is the closer shop to buy a breakfast. And when work is done, I show where to drink a beer and which is the best. J

5. Do you get some money or It is free? If It is free what is your benefit?

My benefit is friendship.

6. Do you like to be a mentor?


7. This is your first experience?

No. Last year I was mentor to Jose. It was so good experience for us, than Jose decided to stay there.

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