Finally we started the lessons in Slovanka’s school!


Finally we started the lessons in Slovanka’s school!

2017-01-25Santi Berenguer Ferri

This week is being the hardest for us until now because we started our lessons in Slovanka and we had to deal with the difficult preparation of these lessons that should be interesting, interactive and funny for children.

On Monday we were nervous because it was the first time we were going to deal with a full class but we are not alone, Gabriela and Lucie have come with us sometimes. Furthermore, we are in couples. For example, with me were Anastasiia in 4th year classes, Nicola and Anastasiia in PE with 6th and 7th year respectively, and Nini was with me in 9th.

As it happens with all the new things, we are learning a lot. let's say some of us are discovering floorball, the Czech national sport, with the physical education lessons. Also is the first time for some of us dealing with 6/10 years children. So at the end of the week I’m sure I’ll be too tired but at least the experience we are taking is unique, useful and enjoyable.

I would like to finish thanking and congratulating all my collages, Gabriela and Lucie. Well done guys!

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