Cooking-new passion, new friends, great day!


Cooking-new passion, new friends, great day!

2017-01-06Erlinda Llheshi

During the end of the last year 2016, we volunteers got informed about a workshop, that we were going to have during January 2017. The topic of the workshop was “Cooking our traditional dishes”, together with students from Euroskola. In advance, we all wrote our receipts and were ready for the workshop.

January 4 came pretty soon and now we all 6 were in front of Euroskola to have the cooking workshop. The header of the school, teachers and all students were so friendly and enthusiastic about this cooperation. 

So the idea was that we 6 had to represent to Czech students our national cuisine. Each of us had one or 2 assistants to help us preparing our dishes. 

After 3 hours, lots of jokes and sharing things about our countries we finished the cooking. We all gathered in a big beautiful room, tasting our dishes and enjoying our time. One by one each of us made a short presentation about respective countries. It was a very nice moment, because we travelled at once in 7 beautiful countries Albania, Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Spain and Ukraine. 

At the end I would like to add that we enjoyed so much this workshop, the food was excellent and the cooperation was great. 

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