Learning English with games!


Learning English with games!

2016-12-30Nicola Pacello

The own activities are very different, we do laboratories, games, workshop and English class with children and yesterday, 11/12/2016, I have had the possibility to do it through the Gabriella`s English class. The lesson lasted only forty-five minutes but it is a correct time for the children. We learnt the simple things but very important:  the verb to be, the name of the animals and simple questions. For to learn this we used a game, for example, there were small papers of  different colours and there were wrote different part of the verb to be and they had to put it in a correct form. In a middle of the lesson we played a little physical game and then we have drawn one part of "monster family" and in this way they learnt  the different part of family, animals and things into the house. I cannot be happier with this first experience because I love my job and can enjoy with them.              





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