Interview of Gabriela Medwell


Interview of Gabriela Medwell

2016-12-30Santi Berenguer Ferri

1. What is your work?

I am an EVS Coordinator, Project Manager for Volunteering Centre, Facilitator, Tutor, English teacher and above all believer in good in people.


2. Why did you decide to work with EVS volunteers in Farní Charita of Ceska Lipa?

My motivation to take part in EVS under Erasmus+ was to support young people in their development, to guide them through today´s world and assist them in their decision making about their future.


3. What is important for you when you choose new EVS participants? What qualities are important to be volunteer as we are?

Actually to choose EVS volunteers is a job for my partner Pavel who is experienced HR manager and knows what to look for in people. What we search for is especially motivation and willingness to take part in the volunteering experience, open mind, responsibility and reliability. The attitude and approach especially. The rest we can teach!


4. Are the previous volunteers nowadays working in their respective countries or here in Ceska Lipa? How do you think EVS can help us to find a job?

Two of previous EVS volunteers stayed in Ceska Lipa and have job here. The other four went back to their countries, 1 has job already, other 3 are in search of one. I suppose three having job just after the project is great success and I believe international experience will also help those remaining three.


5. How education could be improved in the world to cover new needs and challenges young people have? (I know it's a difficult question, and the answer can be long, what do you think could improve the situation of education in some countries?)

I believe that today´s world challenges of extremely quick changes require especially flexibility and creativity. I believe no longer the exact hard knowledge helps much. The educational system should reflect it more. More of non-formal educational tools should be used, working in teams, making project and so on. As the example I like the very new system of secondary education in Finland – cross subject work, interdisciplinary approach, team work rather than sitting at the desks reading and passively memorizing.


6. Tell us one desire for the year 2017. What would you like to change of yourself? and what would you keep forever?

My biggest desire for the 2017 is the same as for the years before, I wish health for myself and my family because being healthy allows me and anyone else to contribute to this world´s well being. And what I would like to keep? My optimism, energy, belief and trust. What I would like to leave behind? Well, I am not sure. I suppose all is very important, even the darker sides of our personalities and troubles in our lives so in this perspective I want to keep it all as through these I can learn even more.


7. You work really hard every day, and yet you have enough strength to go to run, where do you take so much energy from?

Where do I take the energy to do this all? From youth and the kids. From my inner motivation, from the Universe?

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