Hello readers... Interview with Nini


Hello readers... Interview with Nini

2016-12-20Sona Chichyan

Hello readers…Today I have a very special guest joining me ..Whoa…Please welcome Nini Marjanishvili,one of the Evs volunteer in Ceska Lipa..


Hello Nini,can I give you some question?

-Yes, of course.


Nini tell us about yourself?

-Hello, I am nini, From Georgia. Now I am in Czech Republic and I am EVS volunteer. I feel happy


What is your first impression of Czech Republic and would you come back again?

-I don`t remember well . but firstly, I like the nature of Czech republic and Armenian girl who lives with me.

Maybe yes, maybe no .


Describe you life in Ceska lipa…

-I am so happy. I love my flatmates . yes, from the beginning it`s very difficult to live with others, who have different culture, language… our communication is really strange, because we don`t know English well, but I am sure everything will be ok after month and we can understand everything J


By participating in this project,what will be the benefit for you ?

-Improving my English and  living with another persons and to know their cultures. And also traveling...


What advice would you give those young people who want to particape EVS?

  • Don’t live with Armenian girl J it`s joke…

    EVS is really good way to improve your skills and be successful in the future.

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