Nabitý týden na ZŠ Slovanka

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Nabitý týden na ZŠ Slovanka

10.02.2017Nicola Pacello

Another week started in Slovanka school with full activity about different topic. Each of us have a different classes and we work in pair and follow one class, we will go for 8 or 9 times. The topic that more of us had chosen was sport and for each class we have adopted a different method, for example me and Nini worked in 6 class and we used puzzle, quiz and some game. We started with quiz about Olympic sport, for example question about the modern Olympic games, about the company that manage the Olympic and others, and for each of the question there were four answers and they had to choose the correct answer and won the team that collected more correct question; and then we did one activity about sport`s names, they had sport pictures and names, the task was to link the pictures with the correct name, and other mini activity. We are very satisfied about our work in the school and also the teachers are happy.

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