International food in Špičák flat!

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International food in Špičák flat!

20.12.2016Nicola Pacello

Sometimes, in most of the time, we cook in own flat, international food for example: Dolma, Khachapuri and spaghetti, each of this food represent a different country and culture, to share with other volunteers for eat and enjoy all together. This is one of the many opportunities that Erasmus+ give us, it`s interesting and useful because this experience put yourself in a middle and you can discover your potentiality and improve the your limits. The preparation of this tasty products is long but when we eat this food, we are very happy and enjoy of it. It`s a funny activity and you can know the different method of how you can cook the vegetables, meat or other productions. We are a little family from different country in a same place called Česká lípa.

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