AIM AT SUPPORT z.ú. is a non-governmental volunteer-based organisation providing services to Youth and wide public in the area of information services including information related to International environment, non formal education of youngsters and career guidance. Further its aim is to support the development of competences of youngsters especially towards their own employability, job market and independent sustainable own life. Via various activities the NGO supports to build up in youngsters their own responsibility towards own future, including the responsibility for their own employability. Inseparable part of the activitiers is to promote tolerance and solidarity and develop critical responsible thinking in youngsters.

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2017-04-19Santi Berenguer Ferri
Easter time in the Czech Republic
2017-04-19Nini Marjanishvili
Vegetarianism - the controversial topic
2017-04-17Nini Marjanishvili
Interview with Nicola
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